6" Floor Scraper On Cart

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New Caney Tool Rental

The TE-1000 on Cart is a 40# hilti TE-1000 Breaker Hammer with a 6" scraper high-tensile steel blade.

The TE-1000 on Cart is the ideal machine for the fast and easy removal of floor tiles, hardwood, vinyl, thinset, and cleanup of mastic on concrete surfaces

Quickly remove floor tiles with some customers claiming they can do their demolition job up to 6 times faster than when using a jackhammer alone.

The TE-1000 on Cart carries most of the weight of the jackhammer while the user positions themselves behind the trolley and pushes it along. The ergonomic design minimises vibration impact on the user and provides safer jackhammer operation by reducing back strain and operator fatigue.

It can be adjusted to 6 different positions, ranging from 20-80 degrees to suit most demolition jobs, making using a jackhammer and your demolition job easier, faster and safer.

Daily: $ 175
Weekly: $ 525
Monthly: $ 1575

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